Accessing your Account

Accessing your Account

Administrators of all OfficeMaps accounts are able to view details of their subscription from the secure OfficeMaps Customer Portal.  The portal is separate to the OfficeMaps app itself.  

The Portal can be accessed by Administrators using the Subscriptions menu option in the OfficeMaps web app, or by clicking the link below:

OfficeMaps Customer Portal

Then follow these instructions:
  1. To access the Customer Portal, you will need to enter the email address of your OfficeMaps subscription primary account contact, no other email address will be recognised.
  2. The primary contact will be emailed a one time password which allows you to access the portal.
  3. Enter the one time password when prompted and the portal will open.
  4. Once logged in, you can adjust your subscription, download invoices and update your payment method.
If you have forgotten which email address was used to signup for OfficeMaps please contact support at


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