Add/Update People from Excel

Add/Update People from Excel

Add/Update People from Excel

To add multiple users to OfficeMaps from an Excel file, you can begin by clicking the Download Example Excel file for Add/Update People , this will download a file named PersonImportTemplate.csv , which has the current list of fields that can be set/updated. 

This table shows the OfficeMaps People fields that can be assigned and one or more corresponding text terms that must be used as column headers within Excel. If multiple column header terms are acceptable these will be separated by a comma. The import can read any combination of upper and lowercase letters.

OfficeMaps Field 
Corresponding Excel Column Headers 
 Username, User Name 
 Email, EmailAddress, Email Address
 FirstName, First Name, GivenName, Given Name
 LastName, Last Name, Surname 
 DisplayName, Display Name 
 Phone, Ph
 PhoneExtension, Phone Extension, Extension, Ext
 Cell, CellPhone, Cell Phone, Mobile, MobilePhone, Mobile Phone 
 HomePhone, Home Phone 
 ProfileBlurb, Profile Blurb, Profile, Description 
 WebPage, Web Page 
 FacebookProfile, Facebook_Profile, Facebook 
 TwitterProfile, Twitter_Profile, Twitter
 GooglePlusProfile, GooglePlus_Profile, GooglePlus, Google 
 LinkedInProfile, LinkedIn_Profile, LinkedIn 
 SkypeName, Skype_Name, Skype 

To Perform the operation, Click the Actions button, then select Add/Update People from Excel.

After selecting the option you will be prompted to select the file.

All data that is in columns recognised by the Add/Update Import from Excel process will be assigned to each new user as the user is created. A dialog will appear with information about the success of the operation.

In addition, the same process and template can be used to update details of users who already exist in OfficeMaps. 
Username and Email cannot be altered via Update, these are the fields used to identify the person during the process.
When performing updates, you can use restrict the columns to Username and or Email  to identify the person and the additional field/s that you would like to update.

Note: If you would like to set a value for a field to be blank, use the special code {CLEAR} in the column rather than simply leaving it empty. Columns that have no value for a field will be skipped.

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