Adding Fields to People

Adding Fields to People

As well as the default list of fields available for users' Profiles, Administrators are able to define additional fields that can be used to store information. These fields can be of various types, depending on the information that is to be stored.



To add a new field, click the Add Field button and enter information into the dialog that appears:



Field Label: The name of the field in OfficeMaps. This value is required.

Field Type: The type of information that the field can store. This value is required.

Valid field types are Text, Boolean (yes/no), Number, Date, Time, DropDownList (select a single value from a customisable list), Multiselect (select one or more values from a customisable list), Hyperlink or MultiSelectPerson (select one or more people within OfficeMaps). 

Order: The position within the user's Profile compared to other fields. 

Can Group By: If this option is selected, users viewing a Level map will be able to view the people at this level based on the information stored in the field. If the field type is Boolean, selecting the field in the filter will display only those users who have information (e.g., people who are labelled as having First Aid skills) or will display all users grouped by the value if the field is any other type.




If the field type is a DropDownList or MultiSelect, you will need to ensure that there are values present in the field for users to select. Choose the field and a list of values that can be assigned to this field will be displayed. These field values can be added by clicking the Add Value button and enter information into the dialog that appears:




Value: The value of the field. This value is required.

Order: The position within the list compared to other field values.

Disabled: If this box is checked then this value will not appear in the field data list.

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