COVID-19 Features Overview

COVID-19 Features Overview

August 2020

Helping To Make Your Workplace a Safe Place

The impact of COVID-19 has been immense and organizations are grappling with how to safely return to the office. To address this imperative, OfficeMaps has added features to make your workplace safer.
  1. Social distancing – Helping to implement the 6 feet / 1.5m separation requirement.
  2. Contact tracing – Should the worst happen, administrators can generate lists of team members who were confirmed to be on a floor on any particular day.
  3. Workday planning – Communicating within the organization who is in the office and who is working remotely.
  4. Density management – setting, communicating, and enforcing maximum occupancy for offices.
  5. Red team / Blue team management – Set booking rules to enforce remote workdays versus in-office days for alternating teams.
  6. Generate cleaning lists – Administrators can generate usage-based lists to show janitorial teams where to conduct deeper cleaning.
  7. Sanitizing stations – New pins have been added to allow employees to find sanitizing products, handwash stations, and other COVID safety gear. All of which are completely searchable.

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