Fields Included from Active Directory

Fields Included from Active Directory

Profiles of users in OfficeMaps contain a number of fields which can be synchronised automatically with on-premise Active Directory or Azure AD if this login method has been selected.


Note: The fields First Name, Last Name, Display Name and the email address for each user will always be required and used during the synchronisation process.

The fields in OfficeMaps which will be synchronised, aswell as their corresponding field values are presented in the following table:

OfficeMaps Field        Active Directory Field            Azure AD Field
First Nam First Name GivenName
Last Name Last Name Surname
Initials Initials Initials *
Display Name Display Name DisplayName
Profile Description Description *
Webpage Web Page wwwhomepage *
Position Job Title JobTitle
Phone Telephone Number BusinessPhones (first value)
Mobile/Cellphone Mobile MobilePhone
Phone Extension IP Phone IPPhone *
Department Department Department
Reports To Manager Manager

* This field also requires Tenant Schema Extension App Client ID to be set in the Integration. If you do not have an on-prem AD that links to Azure AD you will not be able to synchronise this field. 
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