How-to: Contact tracing

How to: Contact Tracing

Know who was in the office on a specific day

Even the best preventative measures will sometimes not be enough to keep your workplace COVID-19 free. If a team member has been suspected or confirmed to have been a carrier of the virus and has visited the office, swift action to identify potential contacts may be the difference between containing an outbreak, or having it spread with catastrophic consequences.

The OfficeMaps contact tracing feature has been designed to allow an administrator to discover who was present on any given day on the same floor as a potentially infected team member.

The OfficeMaps contact tracing feature works by generating a list of team members who were checked-in to a desk or who had a status confirmed as working from the office on a particular day. When using status as the indicator, a user must have that floor set as their default workplace for contact tracing to search them.

  • To start contact tracing, open the dashboard by clicking on the pie chart icon next to the floor name or number

  • Click on the contact tracing tab
  • Start typing the name of the person to be traced and select them from the generated list

  • Select the date for which tracing is required from the date picker
  • If the user was in the office and on this floor on this day, a list of their desk check-in's and working from the office confirmations will be displayed. Click on one of the confirmations / check-in's to continue

  • A list of users who checked-in to a desk or who confirmed via status that they were working from the office, on this floor, on this day will be generated in the grid at the bottom of the screen
  • This list can be exported to Excel by clicking the export icon on the right side of the screen

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