How-to: Red Team / Blue Team management

How to: Red Team / Blue Team Management

Enforcing who can come to the office and who can't 

In order to reduce the risk of entire departments or teams being taken out of action due to the spread of COVID-19, many businesses are introducing the concept of Red Team / Blue Team separation.

Individuals are placed into one or the other team and are then only allowed to come into the office on the designated days or weeks that their team have been allocated. By having colleagues from the same department split among each team, the chances of losing an entire department are reduced.

OfficeMaps uses the Work Plan calendar to communicate which days an employee can visit the office. If configured, administrators can also prohibit an employee from picking up a desk from the temporary allocation pool.

Setting a work plan schedule for more than 1 user

‍  It is possible to set a work schedule for individual users by opening their profile and editing their schedule directly. While this is useful for one off schedule changes, mass scheduling can better be implemented via the Plan tab under the dashboard menu. 

  • Open the dashboard by clicking on the pie chart icon next to the floor name or number

  • Click on the Plan tab
  • The grid at the bottom of the screen shows all team members who have this floor assigned to them as their default floor
  • Clicking on a team members planned status under the 2 week calendar toggles the value of the planned status between N - Not Working, O - Working in the Office or R - Working remotely

  • When all team members work plan status changes are complete, close the dashboard and refresh the screen
  • The team members work plan status can be found on their profile

Blocking team members with remote status from picking up a desk

Although simply communicating the work plan to team members is very useful, in some instances you may wish to block a team member from picking up a desk from the temporary allocation pool when they are scheduled to work remotely.

  • Open the configuration drop down menu and select preferences

  • Select Allocations

  • Tick the checkbox titled 'Block check-in unless Workday is set to O (Office).

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