How to: Access Reports

How to: Access Reports

This feature is free for Professional users and not available for Essentials users.

Understanding how your workspaces are being utilised has never been easier with the new OfficeMaps reporting feature.

To access the reporting feature:
  1. Click on the Company's Name button on the top left side.
  1. Click on Reports.
Below is a short description of each individual report OfficeMaps offers:

  Occupancies Reports
  Occupancy Dashboard
  View historical daily desk occupancy for the organisation, location, or site level, by neirbourhood.
  Occupancy Snapshot
  Discover if neirbourhoods have been under or over utilised, use this report to optimise the allocation of desks across neirbourhoods.
  Occupancy Detail
  View the daily occupancy of neirbourhoods to see a pattern of usage across days.
  New Permanent Allocations
  Inventory of new permanent desk allocations for the selected period. Show your IT, facilities, HR team who has a new desk.
  Desk Days Allocated
  For internal cost reporting of desks, this reports shows the number of days each desk is allocated during a specified period each person and department.
  Assets and Pins  Description
  Asset Dashboard
  Use this dashboard to see how many assets and pins of each type existing at each location.
  Asset Inventory
  A list of all assets at a selected location.
  Pin Inventory 
  A list of all pins at a selected location.
  Booking Manifest
  See a list of all bookings for a specified day. This report is useful for facilities or floor managers requiring a detailed list of bookings for desks and other assets.
  Booking Forecast
  See how many desks are reserved and how many are still available for future date range by neighbourhood for a selected location.
  No Show - Users Who Failed to Check In 
  List people that failed to check-in to a reserved desk on a specified date for selected 
  No Show - No Show per Day
  A summary of the number of people that failed to check-in to reservations for during the specified period for a selected location.
  No Show - Persistent Offenders
  List people that failed to check-in one or more times to a reserved desk during a specified date range for a selected location.
  Status Change History
  List of people's status changes history.
  Meeting Rooms (Beta)
  Absolute Utilisation
  Shows the actual absolute utilisation as a % of business hours per day based on data from associated occupancy sensor/s.
  Absolute Utilisation by Capacity
  Shows the actual absolute utilisation as a % of business hours per day based on data from associated occupancy sensor/s versus capacity.
  Occupancy Timeline
  Show the actual people using a space (based on occupancy sensor data) versus the capacity of the space over time.
  Shows the hours in use vs available hours (based on business hours of a location) and the occupancy percentage, the average attendee vs capacity and the attendee occupancy. 

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