How to: Search for people, rooms, desks and things in the office

How to: Search for people, rooms, desks and things in the office

When you absolutely, positively have to find it...

One of the fundamental features of OfficeMaps is the ability to easily find colleagues, desks, meeting rooms and 'stuff' in the office, easily. OfficeMaps has a simple but powerful global search facility to make finding whatever you are looking for childs play.

Global Search in the Browser

‍The global search function, found at the top and in the middle of your browser screen can be used to find people, desks, meeting rooms, offices and any pin on the map.

To find a user, just begin typing their name into the search bar. After 3 characters have been typed, OfficeMaps will start to show you a list.

Clicking on the user will show on the map where they are sitting. They will be highlighted with a red border around their name. If a user is not checked in or allocated to a desk, the search function will return only their profile.

The same search process works for meeting rooms, offices, desks and other pins. Start typing their name in the search bar and a list will be generated with matches.

In addition to searching for people and things by name, you can search by most attributes associated with their profile. For example, to search for all people with Spanish as a language specified in their profile, start typing  spanish . When results are returned, the attribute that has been matched to the search term will be highlighted in blue to the right of the person or things name.

You can search attributes for offices, meeting rooms and pins in the same manner. For example, if we wanted to find a meeting room with a data projector we would start typing  data projector , or perhaps just  projector .

Find People in the Mobile App

‍While the mobile app is not able to search for offices, desks, rooms or other pins, it has a powerful person search function. To begin, tap on the 'People' menu on the bottom of the screen.

To find a person by name, start typing their name into the search bar. A list of matching names will be returned.

Tapping on the person will open their profile. Not all configured profile fields are shown on the mobile app. If the person is allocated to a desk or checked in today, tapping on the 'Map' button will open a map view and show you where they are sitting.

You can search most attributes associated with a person even if that attribute field is not shown in the mobile app profile. For example, a search for  Spanish  will find all users with Spanish defined in the language field.

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