How to: Workday planning and sharing

How to: Workday planning and sharing

Let your team know your workday plan

Finding people when they are in the office is easy in OfficeMaps, but how do you discover their plans for tomorrow, or next week? Where can I find them now and what is on their schedule for the day? OfficeMaps has made tools that can help you answer these questions and more.

The 2 Week Workday Planner

‍The 2 week workday planner is a tool for users to show their intended 'working from' location over a 2 week period. A user can choose from 3 status's:  N  - Non-work day,  R  - Working Remotely or  O  - Working from Office. Once set, any user of OfficeMaps can see at a glance your working from information at a glance.

As an administrator, it is possible to restrict access to change the workday planner to administrators only. This feature is useful where an organisation wishes to restrict access to an office, or to stop a user or group of users from picking up a temporary desk allocation based upon their workday planner status.

Setting Your Working from Status

  • Open your profile
  • Click on the pencil icon at the top right of your profile
  • Click on the day that you wish to change the working from status. Clicking toggles the status between the 3 status's available

  • To finish, click on the stop edit icon at the top right of your profile

Your Current Status

‍In addition to your forecast working location in the workday planner, you are able to let your team know where you are currently. Your current status is shown underneath your name and photo on your profile.

Colored bars corresponding to current status types are also displayed on the map and next to any profile images. In the example below, a green bar means that the user is working in the office, a blue bar means that the user is working from home, a purple bar means that the user is on vacation and so on.

Setting Your Current Status

Click on your current status. You can do this either by clicking on the status displayed below your name as the logged in user at the top left of the screen, or by opening your profile and doing the same.

  • Click on the required status
  • Click on 'OK' to finish

Sharing Your Calendar

‍A useful feature for many users is the ability to share with their team a version of their calendar. OfficeMaps integrates with Microsoft Exchange on-premise or in Office 365 to display a read only copy of a users calendar that can be accessed from their profile.

There are 3 calendar settings available depending on the level of access required: No access (a calendar is not shown), free / busy (shows blocks of time but no details) and detailed. These settings are available to administrators in the 'People' section of OfficeMaps.

Viewing a Users Calendar

  • Open the users profile
  • Click on the calendar icon. This icon does not appear on a users profile if their calendar settings are 'No Calendar'

There are 2 calendar views available. Day and agenda. They show the same information in a slightly different format.

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