Installation Pre-Start Check

Installation Pre-Start Check

DNS Records
Ensure that you have created the DNS records and directed them to the Web Server that you will be using to host OfficeMaps (see Server Requirements for more information).

Web Certificate/s (optional)
If you wish to use https, ensure that you have a Wildcard/SAN certificate for the newly created hostnames installed on the web server.
It is possible to use multiple certificates though it is more complex and will require manual IIS  administration by your IT staff..
This can be done after installation but it will involve manually creating additional bindings in IIS and updating the OfficeMaps configuration.

Web Server
Must be Windows 2008 R2 SP1 or higher (this is determined from the minimum framework version as below).
Must have Microsoft .Net Framework version 4.8 installed.
Must have an IIS Role.
Must have .NET Extensibility 4.X, ASP.Net 4.X , and Application Initialization installed.  (other versions other than 4.6 may be displayed.)

SQL Server
Must be SQL Server version 2008 R2 or higher (Standard, Enterprise or Express).
Must have created a new database for the application with any name but typically OfficeMaps.
If using SQL Authentication, a new SQL User must be created. if integrated Authentication is used, you must grant the relevant Windows User/Group access to the database.

Grant the User/Group full db_owner role.

Note: If using Integrated Authentication for SQL the OfficeMapsAPI Application Pool will need to be configured to use an account that has the required SQL permissions (additional information is provided Installation Documentation).
At least during the OfficeMaps installation it is recommended that the person installing OfficeMaps be granted permission to the OfficeMaps database as well. The validation check will run under the context of the installing user and may prevent installation from continuing without this permission.

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