Installing the OfficeMaps Teams App (Preview)

Installing the OfficeMaps Teams App (Preview)

The OfficeMaps Teams application allows users to access OfficeMaps from within Microsoft Teams. This article describes the installation process for this Preview version of the OfficeMaps Teams app.

Standard OfficeMaps Teams App Installation

1. Save the file officemaps-teams-preview zip file to your local drive. This file will be supplied by OfficeMaps as a download. Please contact  to obtain this file.

2. As a Microsoft Teams Administrator, go to to manage your organisation’s applications. The Manage apps screen will appear: 

3. Click the button Upload new app and select the file. 

4. Once uploaded, OfficeMaps will be immediately be visible in the Application list. 

After a short period of time, the application should be visible and available to all your staff in the Application list. This timing is controlled by Microsoft and could be some hours.

OfficeMaps Teams Application (Preview) Installation by Group Policy

The OfficeMaps Teams Application can also be shared within your organisation through Group Policies. 

1. Once you have installed the OfficeMaps Teams application, go to

2. Select a Group Policy (e.g. Global Org-Wide). From this screen you can create a policy to automatically install and/or pin the OfficeMaps Teams Application. 

OfficeMaps in Teams Web

To use OfficeMaps this way, open Microsoft Teams via a web browser (


OfficeMaps in the Teams App

To use OfficeMaps in this way, open Microsoft Teams and click on the Apps button at the bottom of the left toolbar. 



If the OfficeMaps tab appears blank then click the Open in Browser icon at the top right (as highlighted below) and launch in the default web browser.

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