How to: Integrate a Teams Account to OfficeMaps

How to: Integrate a Teams Account to OfficeMaps

Integrate a Teams Account to OfficeMaps

To integrate a Teams Account to OfficeMaps you must first configure Azure AD. To do that you can follow the step by step guide in this article:

To make all users' Teams presence visible:
  1. Click on the Main Menu button (Company Name) at the left top corner;
  1. Click on Preferences and then Integrations.
  1. Select the integration you have already configured.

On this Integrations page in the section "Teams User Presence" you will need to enter the user name of a Teams service account which does not have MFA enabled. No other special permissions are required for this account.

Click on the button "Set Password" to set the password for the account.

The final step is to ensure that all users can view this Presence information. This can be enabled by checking the option "Teams User Presence" which appears in the section "Which fields should be visible to all users?" under Preferences -> People. 

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