Introduction - A quick tour of OfficeMaps

Introduction - A quick tour of OfficeMaps

Let's take a look around OfficeMaps and discover where to find people and things, easily.

OfficeMaps has been created to make it super easy for everyday users to find colleagues, desks, offices, meeting rooms and lots of other 'stuff' quickly. We'll take five minutes here to show you the basics of how the app is used.

It's all about you!‍

At the top left of the screen you will see your name and if you have a uploaded a photo, an image of yourself.

If you click on your name, you will open your full profile. If you click on your status, you can change your status, and if you like, add a message for anyone reading your profile.

The Location Tree

The location tree can be found underneath your name and image on the left side of the screen. The location tree gives you a visual representation of your office locations and the floors associated with them. Clicking on a floor will show you the Office Map (see what we did there?) of that floor.

Clicking on the middle icon at the top of the location tree switches you to the Department view. The department view shows you a list of people associated with that department including basic contact information.

The Map and the Profile Pane

‍The Office Map takes up most of the space that you can see. The map shows the location of people, desks, offices, meeting rooms and all sorts of pins. Pins are little icons that represent objects and places that you might want to find in your office like printers, first aid kits and hand wash stations.

If you hover over a person on the map, a small contact card will appear.

If you click on the person, this will open up their full profile in the profile pane.

Meeting rooms, desks, offices and pins all have profiles associated with them. If you click on one of these objects, the profile pane will open with their details.

The Dashboard

Requires OfficeMaps Professional  /  Administrator Feature

Clicking on the floor number or location name above the profile pane opens the dashboard for that level of the location tree.

The dashboard shows statistics for the floor or location including allocated desk counts, unassigned desks, occupancy statistics and many others.

The Map Toolbox

The map toolbox is a line of small icons at the top left of the map. From left to right, these icons are:

  1. Edit the map. This is only available to administrators
  2. Center map / Reset Zoom. This will reset the map view to the default. Please note that the 'center' of the map is not necessarily at the actual center. The center can be arbitrarily placed by an administrator anywhere on the map
  3. Zoom out. You can also use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom out
  4. Zoom in. Much like Zoom out, the mouse scroll wheel works for this as well
  5. Fullscreen. This button toggles the map to full screen mode. Full screen mode removes the profile pane, location tree and most other elements
  6. Print map. This does exactly what you think it does!
  7. Export map to PNG. This will export a copy of the map in the current displayed configuration to an image file
  8. Check In. Clicking this button will let you check in yourself or another user to an un-allocated desk. Check out the article 'How-to: Check in and check out of a hotdesk' for a more in depth look at this process
  9. Generate Map Link. This allows you to generate a link to the current map that can be embedded into another page. This is handy for embedding a map into an intranet for instance. The embedded map is read only
  10. Show profile image. This button toggles the display of a profile image beside each user on the map instead of their name. Where an image is not available, the users initials will be displayed

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