Kiosk Access

Kiosk Access

Kiosk Access is a mode which allows users to access the functionality of OfficeMaps without explicitly logging in through a user name and password.



To use these options the user must first enable Kiosk Access for the instance by checking the box Allow read-only guest access using the URL and/or widget below. The following settings control aspects of this kiosk access:


Select Guest User: This is the name of a user with the guest role. All kiosk access provided for this instance will be through this account.

Kiosk URL: This URL provides access for an instance of OfficeMaps without requiring a user to log in. This instance will be restricted to access as the nominated Guest User only.

Intranet Widget: Use of the text in the Intranet Widget box allows web editors to embed OfficeMaps within another web page, for example an Intranet.


The Regenerate button will create a new Kiosk URL or Intranet widget HTML which also disables any prior versions of these systems. This allows administrators to control access to all guest kiosks simultaneously.

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