Level Location Settings

Level Location Settings

Level location settings are similar to the settings for other levels of location type. Level location menus have the following options which are available by right-clicking on a node:



Rename: Renames the currently selected site level location.

Delete: Deletes the currently selected site level location.

Settings: This option controls settings for the current location. These settings appear as described below:



Site: The Site that this level belongs to. Changing this value will alter the position of the location within the Location Tree.

Code: An optional code for the level.

Name: The name of the level. This value is required.

Map: The file name of an image which will be used to represent the layout of the level. 

Opacity: This controls the opacity of the map image. 

Visible: If this option is unselected, the level will not be visible to non-Administrator users. This can be helpful when setting up a level before releasing it for use.

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