Steps for Migration from a Self-Hosted Instance to Hosted OfficeMaps

Steps for Migration from a Self-Hosted Instance to Hosted OfficeMaps

The process to move OfficeMaps from a self-hosted instance to a hosted one requires a number of steps.

1. Verify that your self-hosted instance is fully updated with all the system requirements to run the current self-hosted version of OfficeMaps. Information about this can be found in the following article: Server Requirements.
2. Upgrade your self-hosted instance to the current on-premise version of OfficeMaps. This is to ensure that existing data can be successfully migrated to the hosted version. Information about this process can be found in the following article: Self-Hosted Upgrade Procedure. Please contact OfficeMaps Support at to gain access to the necessary upgrade files.
3. Verify that the existing user details are accurate and up to date. Remove any users who are not required and then ensure that you have read and prepared the list of users as in the following article: Managing Users Migrating from a Self-Hosted to a Hosted Instance
4. Verify that the only floors that are required remain in the instance. Administrators in OfficeMaps can click on the small cog at the bottom left of the Location Tree to see hidden and deleted floors. Ensure that these floors are permanently deleted if no longer required by right-clicking on these nodes in the Location Tree and selecting the option Permanently Delete.
5. Contact OfficeMaps Support at to obtain the Self-Hosted Instance Windows application which will allow you to export the instance to a file. This file will be packaged as a Zip file. Extract the contents of the Zip file to the web server hosting OfficeMaps. Launch the program OfficeMaps.Client.WinUI.exe which will resemble the screenshot below:

If this program has been run before, then a value for the field Base Installation folder will be prepopulated, otherwise use the ... button to select the folder where OfficeMaps has been installed on this server. Click Next to progress to the next page which will appear like the following:

Towards the bottom of this page, click the button Validate Instance to ensure the self-hosted instance is correct. Then click the button Export Instance to export it to a .omtemplate file. Browse to a location to save the file.

6. At this point your OfficeMaps instance is ready to begin the migration process. Please contact OfficeMaps support at to schedule a time to discuss the process and the export of your self-hosted data. Depending on the file size, you might be able to email the .omtemplate file to OfficeMaps Support, alternatively you may be given a file upload link from OfficeMaps staff. The person in our billing system recorded as the primary contact for the subscription will be automatically made an administrator in the new hosted instance.

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