Step 2: Configuring People

Step 2: Configuring People

People details should be configured before adding or importing users into OfficeMaps. People in an organisation can be configured to have a set of default work days which is accessible by using the menu option Preferences -> People.

Every user has fields that contain basic information such as a name, email address and contact details. You can configure which details users can edit within their own profile on this same option page. Note that users with the role Instance Administrator or Administrator will be able to edit the profile details of all other people.

As well as the basic fields that are built in to OfficeMaps, administrators can define additional custom fields that contain information about a person. This can include things like skills, languages or other proficiencies. A user profile screen can contain any number of custom fields that you would like to configure to assist your organisation. Any custom fields added to people’s profiles can also be used in searches.

To add, edit or delete the additional custom fields for people in OfficeMaps, choose the menu option Preferences -> People and scroll to the section Additional Fields for People.

These fields can be of different types including Text, Number, Date or DropDownList. This choice will depend on the type of information your organisation is looking to store.

More information about this issue is available in in the article Adding Fields to People.

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