Step 4: Setting up Floor Maps

Step 4: Setting up Floor Maps

Maps are used to act as a background for desks, people and other objects so that users can navigate and find things in your office. Maps are associated with 'Levels' on the Location Tree. Each 'Site' on the Location Tree can contain any number of Levels.

To add a new Level, right click on a Site node in the Location Tree and click on 'Add new level'.

Create a new levelCreate a new Level

Type a name for the new level and then press Enter

To upload a map for this Level, right click on the new Level and click on 'Settings'

Level settingsOpen the Level settings

From the Settings page, click on 'Select File'

Open the file selection dialogOpen the map file selection dialog

Select your map image file and click 'Open'

Select the map to uploadSelect the map to upload

Click 'Upload' to finish.

Upload the level mapUpload the map

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