Step 8: Setting up the Department Tree

Step 8: Setting up the Department Tree

The Department Tree allows organisations to arrange people by department rather than by physical location. The Department Tree consists of any number of tiers organised hierarchically. You can add, delete, rename, hide or alter the settings for any of these tiers by right clicking on their node in the Department Tree.

Managers are those people designated as being responsible for the management of the department. This does not provide any additional functionality within OfficeMaps. Administrators are users who can edit the profiles and statuses of other members of the department even without having the OfficeMaps Administrator or Instance Administrator role.

Note: If using Active Directory synchronisation department names in OfficeMaps much exactly match the department field in Active Directory to automatically populate.

The default view is to display all the users in the currently selected department. To view all the users in the currently selected department as well as those beneath it, change the toggle Show All People to Yes.

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