Sync People from AD

Sync People from AD

Please ensure the steps required have been done prior to attempting to run Ad Sync.

For Azure Ad/ Office 365,

Setup the Integration Provider . (including setting How are new people added).

For AD (on premise)

- Open the main menu and choose Preferences  - People ,
- Select  People are added from Active Directory...
- Enter the Active Directory domain name. It can be the bare domain or dns name, eg iconico or iconico.internal. 
- Enter the windows group/s to synchronise the people from. If more than 1 windows group is to be specified, separate with a semicolon. eg Accounts;Management.

Select the fields to Sync and rules for processing departments, reports to.

To Run a manual Ad Sync.

Click the Person option on the main menu.

Then click the Actions button and select Sync People from AD (excluding profile pictures) or (including profile pictures).
When including profile pictures is selected, If will update images (even if they currently exist) and for Azure Ad, it will take longer.

If an error occurs during intial steps of the sync, a Red Alert box may appear in the top left of screen.
All other details, including success or failure, will be displayed in the dialog when complete.

You can optionally export the details of the sync to excel by clicking the button.

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