The Location Tree

The Location Tree

The Location Tree shows a tree list of all the locations where an organisation has set up offices.


This tree view is structured to include the following nodes in order of hierarchy: Country, Region, City, Sites, Office. See the article Tree Options for more information about this. Some of these nodes will not be visible if they have been marked hidden by your Administrator.


Selecting a node in the Location Tree shows the name of the node at the top of the screen above the labels for the Person Panel and the Desk Panel.




An image of the selected location is displayed in the map panel on the right hand side of the screen. If the location is a level location, a map of the office will be displayed showing all the desks, assets and pins as well as all the people who have been assigned to these objects. Use the map control buttons to alter the view of the map as desired.



On a level location, you can select a person which will cause their profile to appear in the Person Panel, or an asset or pin such as a Desk which displays results in the Desk Panel.

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