Adding People

Adding People

To manually add a person to OfficeMaps, select the People option from the menu. The following screen will appear:




Enter values into the filter to restrict results to those people who match this value.


Click the Add Person button and enter information into the following dialog that appears:



First Name:The user's first name. This value is required.

Last Name: The user's surname. This value is required.

Display Name: This name is automatically generated when the First Name and Last Name values are entered but can be changed.

User Name: This is the name used to log in to OfficeMaps.

Role: This can be one of five different values, and is required. See the article Roles for more information.

Email: The user's email address. This value is required.

Position: The user's job description within the organisation.

Phone: The user's phone number.

Ext: The extension of the user's phone number, if any.

Time Zone: This locates the user within a time zone. If this value is not set, the default instance time zone will be used.

Calendar View: This setting controls information provided by this view of the user's calendar.  Irrespective of these settings, if a calendar appointment is set to private then no details will be visible.

No calendar: Calendars will not be visible for this user.

Free/busy only view: The time and subject of any appointments in the user's calendar will be visible, but no other details.

Detailed view: All details of any appointment in the user's calendar will be visible, including other attendees.

Don't send set password email to new user: This option allows administrators to decide if the creation of this user will send that user an email prompting to set their password. This can be useful when administrators want more control of the user generation process.

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