Types of Roles

Types of Roles

There are five roles that can be assigned to People in OfficeMaps:

Non User/Disabled: This user cannot log in to OfficeMaps but their information is retained for reference purposes.

Guest: Guests are a special type of user who are unable to edit their own profiles. Administrators can designate a guest user for an OfficeMaps kiosk, allowing users to access the application's functionality without needing to log in. More information about this facility can be found in the article About Kiosks.

User: A user is the standard role for people who access OfficeMaps. They will be able to view information about other users, locations, departments and assets and set their own status and edit their own profile only.

Administrator: In addition to standard functionality, this user can create locations, departments and assets and assign users to them.

Instance Administrator: This role gives users the permissions of administrators as well as the ability to view and edit subscription and account information.

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