How to: Add an External User

How to: Add an External User

How to Add an External User

You may have contractors or other people from outside the organization visiting an office that require a desk.   By adding the external person as a user in OfficeMaps they can be allocated to a desk using either a permanent desk allocation or a temporary allocation (hotelling or hot desk allocation).  This will make the external person visible on the map for all other users to see.  

Adding the External User

External users are added just as normal users.  You can add external users using the People maintenance page.  OfficeMaps supports users been added automatically from an external source such as Azure AD as well as manually.

It may be useful to change the display name so that it is clear that the person is not a regular user, eg (External) John Smith.

On how to create a new user you can find the step by step in the link below:

Can The External User Login To Reserve/Check-in or See Their Desk Allocation? 

If you would like the external user to be able to login like any other user, then set the external user's email address on the new user account and send them a reset password link.  They will be able to login and see the same information in OfficeMaps as internal users.

If you do not want the person to login, and only use a kiosk, or have desks booked or reserved on their behalf, use an alternative, purposely invalid, email address when creating the account.

Removing The External User

Once the external user no longer requires a desk they can removed.  On the People page, edit the User setting their Role to Non-User/Disabled.  This will remove any existing desk allocations. 

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