Removing People

Removing People

Only Administrators are able to remove people from a map. This can be done by either deleting the person from the asset to which they have been assigned from a map or by removing the person from the asset's allocation.


Browse through the Location Tree until the Level location is selected. The pencil button appears next to the map control buttons which are available to all users.



Clicking this button enters edit mode. To remove a person from an asset on a map, simply select the asset and click the x next to the name of the user whom you want to remove. Repeat this process as many times as needed. When finished, click the pencil button again to end editing mode.


The other way to remove a person is to change the assets to which they have been assigned by removing them from the field Allocations. Information about this process is described in the article Viewing and Editing Assets in the Desk Panel.


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