Locations, Departments and Maps

Locations, Departments and Maps

OfficeMaps provides a convenient way track assets (like desks and meetings rooms) and people across your organisation.  You can navigate your organisation by locations or departments.

Locations are the physical places where your organisation operates. This can include sites, buildings and levels within a building, known as site levels. To learn more about the Location Tree see the Section Locations.

Departments are the teams or groups within your organisation, people are assigned to one or more departments. The people assigned to a department can be spread across different locations. To learn more about the Department Tree see the Section Departments.

Maps are the floor plans of your office space and work areas. People, assets and pins are shown on maps. A map can be uploaded to each Site Level in the Location Tree.  To learn more about this, see the Section Managing Level Maps

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    • Step 4: Setting up Floor Maps

      Maps are used to act as a background for desks, people and other objects so that users can navigate and find things in your office. Maps are associated with 'Levels' on the Location Tree. Each 'Site' on the Location Tree can contain any number of ...
    • About Level Maps

      Level Maps are nodes in the Location Tree that are at the lowest level. These locations are used to represent the physical office spaces where assets and the people assigned to them can be viewed in the People and Desk Panels.    
    • 15 February 2018 Web / API Updated to v1.6

      OfficeMaps 1.6 has been released and includes new features and a range of bugs fixed. If your OfficeMaps is not cloud-hosted, these changes will be available immediately. Simply log out of OfficeMaps, restart your browser and then log in again. If ...
    • Step 1: Setting up the Location Tree

      The first thing to configure is the Location Tree. It is important to determine how many office maps will be required and where they will be situated. The Location Tree consists of five tiers of information: Country, Region, City, Site and Levels. ...
    • Roles

      There are five roles that can be assigned to People in OfficeMaps: Non User/Disabled: This user cannot log in to OfficeMaps but their information is retained for reference purposes. Guest: Guests are a special type of user who are unable to edit ...